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Are Your Cables Up To UK Standards?

Are Your Cables Up To UK Standards

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Plugs/cables not to current (or UK) standards

This is where the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ rings very true… We have seen a large number of IEC leads (kettle leads) that have the earth pin sheathed, which prevents the lead taking any fault from an item through to the socket earth, as the sheathing is where the socket grabs the pin… if you notice the earth pin has sheathing on please dispose of these and replace. We have also come across potentially very dangerous plug adapters that do not have the live and neutral covered, if these are left in a socket there is nothing to stop a finger/pen or any small object being put inside and connecting to the live or neutral terminals. We will always check these on our PAT testing so you know that your items are safe, for more information please contact us

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