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Biophilic Benefits in an Office

Biophilic Benefits in an Office

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We spend a good chunk of our time in the office. For some people, this might mean walking into a space with high ceilings, a bright and airy layout and vibrant plant life, helping to invigorate them whilst working. However, some might find that their office space is uninspiring and actually detrimental to the quality of their work. 

There are many ways to improve employee wellness in the office, and one of the most effective is through the use of biophilic design. 

Biophilia and biophilic office design have been growing in popularity over the past few years, though it has been discussed since the late ’70s.

What is Biophilia?:

Biophilia means ‘a love for life or nature’, and biophilic design uses those principles to connect people back to nature in artificial environments, such as an office. By mimicking natural environments in artificial ones, we can help people feel more connected to nature whilst at work and increase positivity and wellness.

As well as plant life, biophilia also incorporates other elements such as better natural lighting, water features and more natural colours. Even patterns seen in nature, like honeycombs, can be found in buildings utilising biophilic design. 

Combining these elements together forms the groundwork of our biophilic design process.

What are the Benefits of Biophilia?:


Mental Wellbeing:

There have been several studies that link biophilic design and mental health, explaining that exposure to natural elements helps reduce stress and anxiety and reduce the risk factors of several types of mental illness. Adding a bit of plant life into the office is, therefore, a great way to improve the wellness of everyone in the office. 

Increased Productivity: 

Studies have shown that adding even just a few houseplants to your office space can improve productivity by up to 15%, as employees who engage with their environment tend to be more creative and attentive. Think about creating work in a blank white box, with no external natural inspiration – it would be quite a dreary place to work! Adding a bit of plant life can help bring the natural world into the office. 

Improved Air-Quality:

We believe that employee wellbeing is of the utmost importance, and office air quality is something that’s often overlooked. NASA research indicates that even just one houseplant per 100 square meters is enough to really impact the quality of air in an office! 

According to research from Norway’s Agricultural University, better air quality also helps reduce symptoms from ‘sick-building syndrome’, which range from headaches to tiredness and difficulty concentrating when in certain buildings such as offices.  

Aesthetic Design:

Not only does biophilic design increase wellbeing, but it can also significantly improve the aesthetics of an office workplace. 

Many offices can be pretty uninspiring places, but with some help from a biophilic design consultant like Sussex Facilities Management, we can transform your space into a welcoming and refreshing place to be!


It’s clear to see that the global impact of biophilic design in the workplace brings a considerable amount of positives, helping to bridge the gap between the sometimes harsh and lifeless office environment and the natural world that’s all around us. 

At Sussex Facilities Management, we’re ready to assist you with any biophilic design needs, whether that’s a fully bespoke fit-out to re-invigorate your space or working together to tailor a complete corporate wellness programme.

Get in touch today for a free consultation.

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