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Wellbeing: Avalara

Break area greenery at Avalara
See how we helped one of the most trusted tax automation solution providers, Avalara with bringing some nature in the workspace.

After liaising with Avalara about how they could improve their newly refurbished offices across 3 floors, we had the pleasure in discussing the importance of nature in the workspace.

Even though an open plan office provides a cost-effective way to maximise the number of staff on the office floor, they can sometimes be busy, noisy and lacking natural light. They certainly have their benefits, but it is important that offices are thought about with the drawbacks that open plan can cause and then counteract these issues by including quiet spaces, artwork and greenery.

Sussex Facilities Management

We have worked with Avalara to create an amazing space for their staff, including quiet booths and stunning graphics and illustrations. The only thing needed to enhance this newly refurbished space, was to bring in some more natural elements.

Plants installed at Avalara Brighton

We experience a beneficial psychological and physiological reaction from being exposed to nature. Physiological stress is usually lower after exposure to plants and nature and has been shown to have the capacity to improve attention and influence creativity and a general sense of wellbeing.

Potted plant at Avalara

Strategically placed across all 3 floors, the mixture of plants brought into Avalara has really brought a special added element to the office and returning staff have commented how effective they look and how the energy in the office seems slightly different.

If you want to discuss creating a vibrant, nature inspired space in your workplace, contact us to see how we can help….