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Daisy chained extension leads

Daisy chained extension leads

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Have you ever heard of daisy chained extension leads?

Daisy chained extension leads (extension running from another extension) is something we see very frequently and can easily lead to overloaded circuits. Daisy chaining is normally found when a new desk is needed, the company is growing and needs to get as many people as possible into the existing space (often quickly), the original building only had a few sockets available to use, there are no sockets near where the printer/laminator/coffee machine etc. needs to be, there are many more reasons why is happens – but having daisy chained extension leads creates risk; an increased fire risk from overloading the socket, additional cables for trip hazards etc. For advice on how to reduce daisy chaining, cables as trip hazards or our PAT testing and Cable Management service, please contact us

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