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Fractals Within Office Design

Fractals Within Office Design

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What are fractals within office design?

The importance of nature in the construction of the environment wherein we work and live is often ignored, however, nature is all around us and should never be overlooked for its benefits.

The health and well-being benefits of nature’s fundamentals have been very well documented, so why are these often overlooked?

There are many techniques that are great for reducing stress, such as yoga, meditation, daily exercise, music etc. However, all of these take time and effort.

If you are looking to ease some tension and stress for your employees in a quick and easy way, then why not try fractals when designing the workplace.

What are fractals?

A fractal is simply a pattern that repeats forever. It is a type of mathematical shape that is infinitely complex and is commonly referred to as ‘the fingerprints of nature.

You will see fractals hidden in plain sight all around us, but mostly, we ignore them. They hide in nature, technology, art, architecture, and the list goes on!

Fractal patterns have been present throughout all human evolution. Because of this, we are pre-wired to positively respond to the patterns we see in natural entities such as clouds, rivers, forests etc.

In fact, intentionally looking at fractals can have notable effects on our mental wellbeing.

A growing body of research has investigated the therapeutic effects of fractal patterns on the human brain. Looking at these fractals has been proven to reduce stress, and in some cases increase attention span.

Using stress measurements such as fMRI, researchers have found that stress can be reduced by 60% by looking at fractals. The suggestion is that the fractals activate certain areas of the brain which are responsible for regulating stress.

A physiological resonance occurs within the eye when looking at fractals. This increases the alpha frequency in the frontal areas of the brain, which promotes relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.

The increase in alpha waves also has a positive effect on our attention. The Attention Restoration Theory indicates that spending time in nature and their naturally occurring fractals, can increase concentration and help to combat mental fatigue within the work environment.

Exposure to constant stress negatively impacts mood, productivity, and mental wellbeing. So, even a short period of time spent looking at fractals can be beneficial, as the effects are almost instant.

There have been many studies published by the World Health Organisation that state the more urbanised our society gets, the worse our health gets. There is a significant link between nature and quality of life.

The further we get away from nature’s natural rhythms and cycles, the more our health and mental wellbeing will deteriorate.

To counter this, the use of fractals is extremely beneficial in urban areas, such as office buildings. The design concept can be used on ceilings, walls or on any other part of modern architecture and can include furniture and plants.

It is at our biological core to feel relaxed and is an essential need as a human. By reintroducing nature to design and architecture, we can derive so many natural stress-reducing tools which can measurably increase people’s wellbeing. 

Fractals are commonly used in interior design as they are simple and are essentially a repetition of one single shape. Repetition has always been used in interior design as it is a way of giving order to space and it leads the eye in a certain direction.

Let’s explore some ways to introduce fractals within office design!

Natural materials have a texture that is often fractal, such as wood grain, making it a great reason to choose natural materials in your design.

Patterns, such as soft furnishings, office furniture and even a splash of wallpaper can introduce these patterns of ‘calm’.

The biophilic design suggests keeping natural materials in their original state as much as you can.

Read more about Biophilic design in our blog:

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At Sussex Facilities Management, we’re ready to assist you with any stress-reducing design needs, whether that’s a fully bespoke fit-out to re-invigorate your space or working together to tailor a complete corporate wellness programme using fractals within office design.

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