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Keeping PAT Testing Costs Down

Keeping PAT Testing Costs Down

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How can I ensure my PAT testing is not too expensive?

There are a few ways that we will look at:

  1. Have a look at what items you keep for spares or for just in case… It is surprising how many IEC leads (Kettle leads) are kept for spares – Look at what you realistically need, your IT department/provider should be able to guide on how many need to be kept. The same applies to Monitors, Laptops and chargers, old phone chargers.
  2. If you find you have a lot of equipment that is no longer needed, have it in a graveyard pile, that way we know what not to test – we also work with companies that can correctly dispose of the equipment and will happily pass on these details
  3. Don’t assume that all PAT testing companies are the same – a cheap price can sometimes indicate that the company is just going to sticker the items, record them and move on. Whilst you may think it still provides the certificates you need, you are really paying a lot for very little and could be no safer. Always check that they are qualified, insured and that the equipment used is calibrated, companies with this may cost a little more but you can be assured that they are meeting what should be the minimum criteria for PAT testing company.

If you would like some more guidance on reducing PAT testing costs or would like any further information please contact us

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