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blocked sink

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My sink is blocked!

Whilst we offer a wide range of services and have carried out large projects for our customers, our business ethos is to provide a one contact solution, without being tied in to contracts, for all business wishing to use our service in Sussex.

Some of our customers have us as their main point of contact for all their facilities needs, others use us when their current providers cannot fulfil a requirement or are unable fix something in a timescale needed – this is not limited to unblocking sinks, but is something we have been called to do for our customers where there current plumbing team could not attend quickly enough.

Other small jobs we have undertaken include:

  • Hanging pictures
  • Fitting a key safe
  • Removing a cupboard
  • Re-lining up Kitchette doors

If you would like to discuss any jobs or opportunities for us to help you, please contact us

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