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Office Furniture: How to Create an Impressive ‘New World’ Environment for your Workplace

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As the rate of infection continues to fall in the UK (thank goodness), and many companies are looking at how best to return to work, you could make the most of your empty office before everyone returns with simple, cost-effective office upgrades! Whether you want new hot-desk areas, personal lockers, more relaxed meeting spaces or a more spaced apart feeling – it is a great time to look at this now as it won’t be as easy when you’re operating as normal. What’s more, it doesn’t necessarily require anything extensive, something as simple as changing a wall colour, some plants or new office furniture can have a considerable effect on the aesthetic and feel of your office. Read on for more! 

Ergonomic Chairs

Given the shift in focus towards staff wellbeing in recent years, investing in ergonomic furniture – and the health of your employees – will only help attract your workforce back to the office and make their working day less of a chore. This starts with the chair they sit in.

On average, an employee will spend 1,800 hours every year, sat in the chair that you provide them with, so it is no surprise that, over time, an inferior chair can cause serious damage. However, at Sussex Facilities Management, we understand that money is tight at the moment and not all firms can afford to make that investment, which is why we offer to source suitable alternatives for you that come in at a fraction of the cost – around £200 rather than £2000!

As you would expect, cheaper ergonomic chairs still provide a degree of support and comfort, but they are not always as durable as their more expensive counterparts. If you do have the extra cash to spare, consider chairs from Ergohuman or Herman Miller – manufacturers of high-end ergonomic chairs. Contact us today if you require assistance.

Sit Stand Desks

No ergonomic chair is complete without the perfect desk to go with it, and given the current focus on health, the sit stand desk has become the new goal of many companies.

Studies have shown that these adjustable desks help to improve both physical and mental health, as switching between positions allows both your body and brain to move and stay active. As an employer, you’ll already know how important that is – a better mood means increased productivity and will ultimately influence your bottom-line profits.

What’s more, newer models have replaced the old manual crank handles with electronic control panels, so they take little time and effort to adjust.

Break-Out Areas

Many of the office fit out projects that our team have taken on, have included the installation of a breakout zone for their workforce.

As we have previously written about in our various blogs, the rate of pay is no longer the overriding factor in job retention anymore. In this modern age, many employees prioritise the work environment, colleague relationships, and work-life balance as much more important than their pay, which explains why a breakout zone can be so influential in the satisfaction of your employees.

An investment in the wellbeing of your employees, and an area where they can destress and re-energise, will be nothing if not positive for your business. Not only that, but it provides a space for interaction, collaboration and a means through which employees can build relationships.

At Sussex Facilities Management, our team are experienced in office design and office fit out projects, offering commercial carpeting, commercial plumbing services and even commercial electrical services. So, if you’re looking to revamp your office and impress your employees upon their return, contact us today! Call 01444 812 171

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