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Could your office space be working better for you?

One of our customers recently was thinking this very question, they had recently taken over a new office and inherited the layout from the previous company. Whilst they were not looking to completely revamp everything, on getting the premises and working out how they were going to use the space did they feel it would not work for them, as it was to exposed as a meeting room but a perfect size and location for one. Being that we already work with them on their other facilities they contact us for what options they had within a set budget as they would probably move rooms etc. during a planned renovation in the coming years.

We could have done what many others would do and put a cheaper partitioning up, knowing their budget is tight. But because we have worked with them for a few years, we understand their future plans and always try to look for the best overall solution, we proposed a solution where the partitioning installed would match their existing company standards and have the quality, plus be re-useable should they decide to move this room in the future.

This is the option they decided to go for and will save them many thousands on their renovation costs, meanwhile provide them with a room which currently matches the standards across the other offices.

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