MPAT Services

High Quality PAT Testing Services to give you (and your business) peace of mind!

What's included in our PAT Testing service?

Plug check

The plugs are checked for signs of damage, then taken apart (where not moulded) to check the condition of their wiring and fixed if required

Fuse rating

Correct fuse rating is checked

Cable assessment

Cables are assessed for any damage to the surrounding insulation

Appliance damage

Appliances are inspected for any damage that could be a safety risk

Pass/Fail verdict

When passed we will apply a 'passed' sticker to the appliance, bearing a unique number linked to your inspection and testing report. If an appliance fails and we cannot pass it following remedial work we apply a 'failed' sticker. The item will either be left where it is or in a location of your choosing.


On completion, we will send you your MPAT inspection and testing report within 24 hours. Where possible we prefer to send this report as a PDF file (saves trees!), however we will happily send you a hard copy if required.

Safety First

Safety is something we should not take for granted. We are introducing more portable electrical equipment into our organisations; from essential business computers, to the appliances in the workplace kitchen or any electrical tools of the trade.

With an increased reliance on such equipment there is inevitably a greater chance of something going wrong, and in the most serious cases this can be far worse than the kettle not working!

Using the excellent service from MPAT for your PAT testing or Cable Management will help you keep all your portable electrical appliances safe and compliant with any industry regulatory body (CQC, ISO, CHAS etc.), the HSE and your insurance company.


The MPAT Commitment

We will remember your PAT testing anniversary and contact you in advance to arrange retesting, keeping you compliant and safe at all times.

If between testing schedules you or your highly diligent staff members become unsure of a device, for a small fee we will assess the item for you separately outside of your schedule. If you are ever unsure of an items safety please remove from use and we can check.

We also offer to test only what is required during our visit (as per HSE PAT testing guidelines), providing you the opportunity to save money on your PAT testing costs. This is achieved by assessing your business type, the type of portable electrical equipment you own and how/where it’s used. You will probably not need the blanket ‘PAT test everything’ approach, which many PAT testing companies use, keeping the cost to you and your business where they should be.

Referrals – Please do refer us, customers who do will receive a discount on their next inspection and testing. This can be deducted from your bill, or alternatively we will donate the discounted amount to a charity of your choice in your name.

Responsibilities & Regulations

‘Electrical equipment is required to be properly maintained to prevent danger. Inspections are necessary…’ IET Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, 4th Edition.

MPAT’s PAT testing service ensures that all your portable appliances will comply with current legislation.

before pat testing cable management service after pat testing cable management service

Cable Management

Albert Einstein famously quipped:

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then is an empty desk a sign?“

But what about under your desk?!

We create safe and clear leg space by tidying messy, tangled cables in a systematic manner.

"Our mission is to provide you with extraordinary customer service – with a commitment to attaining an exemplary level of professionalism."