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Predicted Office Trends for 2022

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Throughout 2021 we saw people finally return to the office after a year of remote working. It’s been a busy year in facilities management, but we saw some amazing trends appear as people came back to the office.

From this, we feel we can predict the trends coming up next year.

These are our top predictions for 2022.

Hybrid Working

2021 saw the introduction of hybrid working to a lot of companies. But this is still not fully implemented in a lot of businesses. One in four businesses has confirmed that they intend to allow all workers to work from home in a hybrid model.

With many employees wanting to work in a hybrid workplace, businesses that have not yet incorporated a hybrid model will need to consider implementing this practice.

While in certain sectors there is a reluctance to make the permanent switch to a hybrid model, people want to have the benefits of working wherever they want, be this from home, a cafe or sitting on a beach abroad.

The hybrid working trend started to gain traction before the pandemic, but as people have had a taste of remote working, it’s now something employees want to keep.

We predict that in 2022, more and more companies will make hybrid working a permanent part of their business. Up to 79% of employees have stated that they wanted to work remotely for at least 2 days a week.

If businesses don’t listen to what their employees want, they could soon find many people handing in their notice and moving to businesses that allow this


Having flexibility with work is another thing that people are now keen to have implemented in their workplace. If your job is a regular 9 to 5, being able to flexibly do your work to fit around life is another quality people are looking at.

Flexibility doesn’t have to be working from home. This could be incorporating flexi hours, where you work the number of hours you are contracted to do, but this can be split up across the day.

Having days where this is possible allows employees to do stuff that they would otherwise not be able to do due to work commitments, such as meet a friend for lunch or pop out to do their grocery shopping at a more suitable time.

Flexibility could also present itself in how the office is laid out and the space where people can work. Being able to stand at your desk, move to a different more relaxed area or work in a soundproof pod, can provide flexibility at work.

Health and Wellbeing

Employee health and wellbeing is another area that workplaces will be taking a lot more seriously in the new year. People are ready to leave a business if they don’t feel valued and looked after.

The pandemic brought a massive change and revealed a lot about how employees feel at work.

Promoting wellbeing could be anything as simple as creating a relaxed environment in the office with an office refresh, introducing plants in the workplace or providing access to mindful apps and therapy sessions.

By focusing on employee wellness, staff turnover is likely to drop and you will find your workforce is a more motivated and driven group.

Sussex Facilities Management

With all these new trends, we can help you keep ahead of the curve. Whether you need an office refurbishment, a Sussex office furniture service or support with a corporate wellness service. We are here to help!

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