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The LEAP Partnership: Helping Communities

The LEAP Partnership

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The LEAP Partnership – helping communities. At Sussex Facilities Management, we believe it’s super important to do our part in supporting people in our communities to lower their energy bills.

As the LEAP Partnership delivery partner for East and West Sussex, we’re here to spread the word to anyone grappling with the high cost of living and energy bills.

We take pride in being a provider of essential services that genuinely lends a hand to our local community through this partnership.

The LEAP partnership is a program that’s all about helping communities across the UK thrive by bringing together the public, private, and voluntary sectors. It’s basically a free service that helps people save money and stay cosy.

In this blog, we’ll go into how we, as a LEAP Partnership delivery partner, can play a part in it, and we’ll break down what the LEAP partnership is all about.

Sussex Facilities Management LEAP Partnership Delivery Partner

How Sussex Facilities Management Can Help

Being involved with the LEAP partnership as a delivery partner, is a real honour for us here at Sussex Facilities Management, as we’re always looking for ways to help out our local community wherever possible. With decades of experience managing facilities across Sussex, here’s the key ways we help:

  • We provide fuel debt advice to those that we work with, enabling them to save energy wherever possible. 
  • Our team is on hand to help with smart meter advice, showing users how to get the most out of their smart meters to reduce wasted energy use. 
  • We offer great tips and advice on how to reduce energy in the home, helping to keep bills low from the start. 
  • We install small energy efficiency measures for no extra cost like LED bulbs, radiator panels, draught-proofing, etc!
  • Our team provides valuable advice to people to ensure they get the most income possible. Referring them to benefits schemes where possible. 
  • Providing onward referrals to other organisations when required/beneficial.
  • Boiler repair/replacement – (Owner occupiers only – where/when available)
  • We even provide a white goods replacement service where and when it’s available.

What is LEAP? 

LEAP stands for Local Energy Advice Partnership. It is an initiative developed to help tackle fuel poverty and improve energy efficiency in homes across England. The program brings together local authorities, energy companies, housing associations, and third-sector organisations to deliver tailored energy advice to households and those in need.

The main aims of LEAP are:

  • To reduce energy bills for residents by installing energy efficiency measures
  • To improve living conditions and health outcomes related to cold, damp homes  
  • To increase income for residents via benefits checks and tariff switches
  • To refer vulnerable households to additional support services

How Does the LEAP Partnership Work?

The LEAP Partnership model is based on cooperation between different organisations that have a shared interest in improving local communities. By working together, they can maximise their resources and expertise.

–   Local authorities identify neighbourhoods with high levels of fuel poverty. They use their customer data and knowledge of deprived areas to pinpoint priority locations.

–  Energy suppliers or housing associations fund advisors from partner organisations to provide energy advice door-to-door.

–  Advisors assess the energy efficiency of homes and provide:

1. Fuel debt advice 

2. Smart meter advice

3. Tips to reduce energy use

4. Free energy efficiency installations like LED lights and draught proofing

5. Income maximisation assistance 

6. Referrals to other relevant services

7. Help accessing boiler repairs/replacement

8. Help to access appliance replacement

–  Partner charities provide training and quality assurance to the advisors. They also analyse program data to demonstrate impacts.

The Benefits of Getting Involved

For local authorities, LEAP Partnership helps meet carbon reduction and fuel poverty targets. It also complements other services like financial inclusion programmes.

For energy companies, the partnership allows them to meet government obligations around helping vulnerable customers in a cost-effective way.

Housing associations can improve conditions for their tenants and demonstrate their community commitment. 

Third-sector partners get funding to deliver crucial advice services and build closer ties with other organisations.

Ultimately, LEAP Partnership provides a win-win scenario for all delivery partners while making a real difference to struggling households. 

Sussex Facilities Management LEAP Partnership Delivery Partner

If you live in an area served by LEAP and want to access this support, get in touch with Sussex Facilities Management today on 01444 812171 to learn more about getting involved. 

Together, we can build more sustainable and thriving communities.

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