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Elf on a shelf creates PAT testing need

Elf on a shelf

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Is your ‘elf and safety (sorry!) up to scratch…? Remember if you can plug it in it needs PAT testing

Sprouts… Shockingly good or shockingly bad? Elf eating wires… Just shocking!! MPAT will be your shockingly good PAT testing company in the New Year.

It’s not just naughty elves that can bite through cables around Guildford, Surrey. Where you have animals in the office, or the occasional unwelcome visitor, animals can and do chew through wires and this can leave your workplace unsafe. As part of our PAT testing inspections MPAT checks all cables.

Don’t get too hammered this Christmas… Let MPAT be your electrical safety PAT testing detox in the New Year.

Have you checked that naughty elves have not broken your extension leads, plugs, adapters and appliances in Crawley, West Sussex? MPAT will check all appliances and leads both visually and though our calibrated testing equipment.

Cutting wrapping paper: good cutting wires: bad choosing MPAT for your PAT testing = good

Naughty elf on a shelf cutting power leads in Brighton, East Sussex. People accidentally tripping on cables, wires caught in your office chair are just a few ways of power leads getting damaged. Give MPAT a call and we will check for damage during our PAT testing.

Thank you for reading our blog on elf on a shelf, everyone at MPAT wishes you a merry Christmas and a safe new year!

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