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Facilities Management: Preparing Your Office for the Winter

Facilities management | Office exterior in winter

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As the crisp autumn breeze gradually turns into chilly winter winds, it’s essential to ensure that your office is prepared for the transition into winter. One key aspect of this preparation is efficient management of your facilities.

Sussex Facilities Management, with our expertise and friendly team, will help to make this transition seamless, ensuring your office remains warm, efficient, and comfortable.

Let’s explore how Sussex Facilities Management can help your office stay cosy and functional during the winter months.

1 – Portable Heaters: Keeping Warmth Within Reach

As the temperature drops, portable heaters may be used to maintain a comfortable working environment.

Our experts will help to inform your team about the correct ways to use space heaters to ensure that safety is kept as a number one priority. Our PAT testing service will check that your space heater is safe to use.

Learn more about space heaters by reading one of our other blogs here.

However, using portable heaters is not the most efficient way to heat your building. If you are using them, it is worth speaking to one of our team about more cost-effective ways to heat your space.   

2 – Time Management: Clocks and Changing Seasons

The arrival of winter brings the inevitable task of adjusting clocks at the end of British Summer Time on the 29th of October. It might seem trivial, but synchronised timekeeping is vital for the smooth functioning of any office.

While clocks are generally updated automatically, if you have any problems or need any assistance with this task, Sussex Facilities Management can help.

3 – AC Units: Optimising Efficiency

While colder winters demand new heating solutions, it’s also crucial to optimise existing resources, especially air conditioning units.

Our facilities management team excels in maintaining AC units, making them energy-efficient and cost-effective ensuring a balance between warm indoor temperatures and energy conservation.

Additionally, Sussex Facilities Management can provide comprehensive guidance for your teams to show how to use these AC units effectively.

Proper usage not only ensures a comfortable environment but also contributes significantly to energy savings and reduced operational costs.

4 – Ongoing Support: Peace of Mind, Every Day

Winter weather can be unpredictable, and facility emergencies can happen at any time.

Sussex Facilities Management offers round-the-clock support, providing you with the peace of mind that professionals are just a call away. Whether it’s a sudden heating malfunction or an issue with the AC unit, our expert technicians are ready to tackle any challenge promptly and efficiently!

Why Choose Sussex Facilities Management?

What sets Sussex Facilities Management apart is our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Our team of experienced professionals not only provides top-notch services but also educates your staff on the best practices for facilities management.

We do things differently to other facilities management companies by allowing you the choice of a flexible contract that works best for you, rather than tying you into complicated and expensive ongoing ones that are hard to leave when you need to.

By choosing Sussex Facilities Management, you’re investing in a partnership that prioritises your comfort, energy efficiency, well-being, and overall productivity.

Facilities Management that Works For You:

Don’t let the winter catch your office off guard. Contact Sussex Facilities Management today to ensure your workplace is winter-ready.

Experience the convenience of having a team of experts that provide ongoing support to make this winter season hassle-free and efficient. Get in touch with Sussex Facilities Management now to find out more and schedule a consultation. Your warm and productive winter starts here.

Sussex Facilities Management is here to help by ensuring your office is prepared for the winter. By addressing key aspects such as portable heaters and optimised AC units, we guarantee a comfortable and efficient workspace for you and your team.

Take the proactive step today and reach out to Sussex Facilities Management. Embrace the winter season with confidence, knowing that your office is in capable hands.

Give us a call now on 01444 812 171 to find out more.

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