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Does your business have sustainability at its heart? Energy-efficient and sustainable growth in 2023 with LoCASE

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Do you try to use energy-saving products, or are mindful of how sustainable your business is, by reducing your impact on the environment, and improving sustainability?

If so, you could apply for a low-carbon business development grant.

What is the LoCASE Grant?

The grant can cover innovative low-carbon ideas for business growth projects and energy efficiency upgrades for your business.

A wide variety of businesses have qualified for the grant, from engineers upgrading their machinery to commercial and industrial buildings improving their building control systems.

The grant funding through the Low Carbon Across the South and East (LoCASE) programme is now available until summer 2023, intending to support businesses – specifically Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The European Regional Development Fund supports the LoCASE scheme (Low Carbon Across the South and East) to provide a free business support programme in the South and East of England.

LoCASE could fund projects that would make businesses more profitable and eco-friendly, such as upgrading heating and lighting systems, investing in new plant and machinery, refrigeration equipment, and marketing and consultancy costs.

New product development can also help businesses reduce emissions and expand sustainably. Increasing the overall sustainability.

The COP26 summit highlighted the variety of choices businesses can pursue to reduce their carbon footprint whilst expanding sustainably.

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Benefits of sustainability in the workplace

A recent report by Unily found that 83% of workers think their company is not doing enough to be more sustainable and tackle climate change.

What’s more, 65% said they would be encouraged to work for a company with robust environmental policies.

The reasons for this include the belief that a more sustainable employer is trustworthy and cares about its employees and the environment.

How can we help?

At Sussex Facilities Management, we can help you take advantage of the grants offered.

The grant could potentially provide businesses with funds of up to £20,000.

This can help your businesses unlock funding for an energy efficiency upgrade to their operations, develop or improve their ‘green’ product/service or simply assist them in streamlining and innovating for the future of the business and the planet.

From energy-efficient fit-outs and complete property refurbishments to an overhaul of your electrical systems or even installing solar panels to make sure things are running as efficiently as possible, we can help!

If you’re in East or West Sussex or Brighton and Hove you can apply for a grant through Clean Growth UK’s South East Hub – the University of Brighton’s Green Growth Platform.

With the new year approaching, now is a great time to discuss your next project with us to find out how we can help you make the most of the scheme!

Get in touch as the Low Carbon Across the South and East (LoCASE) programme is now accepting applications for grant funding until the summer of 2023.

If you already know about the scheme and want to get in touch for a no-obligation quote contact us at Sussexl Facilities Management | Get in Touch

Or call us on 01444 812 171

To learn more about LoCASE and eligibility for the programme visit the LoCASE website.

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