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The Home Office? That Was So Last Year! We Present the Office Home …

Home Office

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Throughout lockdown and working from a home office, many of us have got used to our creature comforts. We all loved our favourite house plant, velvet cushion, relaxation chair or just your own personal space to name a few! 

This new way of life offers you comfort and adaptability within the workspace, so how do you transfer this feel-good feeling to the office? 

Say hello to the new, newer, working from the office normal!

Are you looking to maintain the perfect work ethic and redesign the office to suit your returning workforce? 

After a year in lockdown, 2021 trends have picked up on the arrangement of products in a room, focusing on the functionality and atmosphere that it can offer. 

A great way to boost your workforce’s productivity is to bring those favourite comforts from a home office into the real working environment. 

Why not bridge the gap between professional efficiency and balance it with a new lifestyle which has nature, health and community at the heart of it?

For example, office furniture, fresh decor, lighting, plants? Within our facilities, we offer a huge range of working equipment similar to that which you find in a home office.

Be it helping you plan your new layouts or to work with you at the conceptual stage to help inspire your ideas, we will be on hand to help.

To ensure optimum safety in the workplace, it is important that all new devices must be tested. 

At Sussex Facilities Management, we also offer a full package of facilities compliance services to help maintain all your necessary devices and resources for a working site. 

We keep our customers compliant with the HSE, insurance, and awarding certification. 

These include services such as commercial plumbing for water and gas, fire extinguisher maintenance services, PAT testing and building maintenance

We offer a bespoke service to our customers by visiting their active site to test all appropriate devices. 

Our services cover most issues such as fixing broken plugs and removing splits in cables to installations.

We take pride in our service management as we will only offer you one project manager to liaise with ensuring everything takes place with one person. 

Our highly competent, qualified, and insured professional team, offer you all the services you require with no contracts, just pay on a simple pay as you go service.

An example of a recent, highly satisfied client was one who used our testing company. 

This was an organisation based in Burgess Hill that was looking to increase the size of the tender they can put in for. They required the portable appliance testing (PAT) to be completed and we were notified within 12 days of notice before the paperwork was due.  

By visiting the site, we agreed on the price, booked in the testing, and completed the project within 5 days to spare. We like to help our clients save any additional time and stress, offering them a seamless service!

When it comes to data services, we also offer cable management. 

Importantly, maintaining a good temperature in the office is essential for staying comfortable all year round. Now we are in the depths of the hot summer days, air conditioning is an inviting way to keep cool.

If you would like any assistance with this or would like some more information on our other compliance services, contact us today on 01444 812 171 to speak to a member of our team.

Alternatively, you can email us at We look forward to working with you!

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