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What Can a Risk Assessment Uncover?


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If your employees are starting to return to the office, then you more than likely need to undertake new risk assessments.

As an employer, it is your duty to protect your employees and others from harm.

Risk assessments are fundamental for preventing injury and illness while at work. They help identify, evaluate and take action on risks that can end up causing accidents or endanger your employees.

This article explains some of the risks that can be uncovered with a risk assessment and why it is so important to assess your workplace regularly.


Fire is a significant factor in any risk assessment. The risk of fire in any workplace puts everyone in danger.

If a fire breaks out, not only does this endanger you and your employees, but it can cause thousands of pounds in damage.

We have seen it all, and the number of things that go undetected can be shocking.

We have previously worked with clients and uncovered that they didn’t have the correct fire detection systems. This meant that if a fire did break out, their current system would have failed them, and it would be too late to take action.

Another area we look at is fire doors, checking to see if they are in the proper condition and fit for purpose and compliant.

Let’s not forget fire extinguishers. Businesses that have incorrect or expired extinguishers are not uncommon. Having the incorrect extinguisher won’t help put out a fire and will endanger the person who uses the extinguisher.


Water can provide a substantial risk if proper procedures aren’t in place. It can be a slip hazard, pose a risk to hygiene and potentially be a burn risk.

Water can be a lethal slip hazard and can cause severe injury, which is commonly found in bathrooms and food prep areas.

A potentially fatal water hazard is legionella. The bacteria can go on to cause pneumonia which is a dangerous lung infection that can lead to serious respiratory complications.

From our inspections, we have identified legionella present in offices and commercial properties due to the lack of use of water sources throughout lockdown.

What is Legionnaires’ disease?


The electrics is a further key area that a risk assessment will evaluate. Checking to make sure your electrics are safe for use is vital to keeping everyone in your workplace safe.

We check your electrical appliances via PAT Testing. This will uncover any broken wires, examine the safety of your appliances and check that the appliance is functioning safely.

Between 2019 – 2020 up to 1,629 electrical appliance fires broke out in workplaces. These preventable fires would not have happened had a proper risk assessment been applied.

One electrical risk is having extension leads in places where the public can reach, another being extension leads wired incorrectly or overloaded with plugs, also, the regular issue of the cardboard diagram on a plug not being removed before being plugged in.

Our service provides an all under one roof option to ensure that your premises are safe and compliant, from building maintenance to plumbing, we have you covered.

Call us today on 01444 812 171 to find out how our expert team can help you make sure you have everything in order to keep you and your staff safe and happy.

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