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Are you using the correct plug adapter?

the correct plug adapter

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Plug adapter to work with UK sockets

With companies becoming ever more global with their products, services and employees, there is now more equipment in the workplace that needs to operate with differing countries socket types. To get around this you can buy a plug adapter to use in UK and/or for abroad, a quick internet search and you will find masses to choose from, but which one to go for? Surely they are all doing the same thing? I will explain more in another blog, but they can vary massively and some are unsafe, so please check what the appliance type (Class 1 or Class 2) you need the adapter for (class 1’s needing connection to the sockets earth and the plug sits inside the adapter, class 2 where the item doesn’t need to connect to the sockets earth), PLUS also check the adapter is fused, and change the fuse (if needed) to the correct rating for your appliance. We always check you have the correct adapters for the items during our PAT testing and will notify you if there are any that require changing, for more information please contact us

An example of an incorrect set-up we recently found during our PAT testing is East Sussex

In this example the power leads are class 1 and need an earth connection, the type of extension lead used here for this type of power lead will only enable a class 2 connection and any fault will not be taken to earth.

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