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The Crucial Role of Fire Risk Assessments in Offices

Fire Risk Assessment | Emergency fire alarm with a person pressing with their finger.

In the world of workplace safety, it’s difficult to overstate the significance of fire risk assessments. These assessments are vital tools in ensuring the well-being of employees, protecting valuable assets, and maintaining the smooth operation of any business. In this blog post, we will look into the importance of risk assessments in the workplace, shedding […]

Is your workplace safe?

Is your workplace safe

Is your work environment safe? What is a safe working environment? If you look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs safety is second of the first two basic needs – and covered under safety is: environment safety, access to employment and the basic fundamentals that make life liveable. This basic requirement is very likely to be […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

teddy christmas

We hope you have had a great 2018, we have and we wish you all a great Christmas and fantastic 2019. Just remember if you can plug it in, it needs PAT testing

Cable Management and Testing

Cable Management and Testing

Have you ever looked at your office as a customer entering? did you think those cables on show don’t provide the professional look that represents your business?  If this is something you have noticed in your office/workshop and you don’t know what to do, what options there are, don’t want the expense of all new […]

Keeping PAT Testing Costs Down

Keeping PAT Testing Costs Down

How can I ensure my PAT testing is not too expensive? There are a few ways that we will look at: Have a look at what items you keep for spares or for just in case… It is surprising how many IEC leads (Kettle leads) are kept for spares – Look at what you realistically […]

Are Your Cables Up To UK Standards?

Are Your Cables Up To UK Standards

Plugs/cables not to current (or UK) standards This is where the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ rings very true… We have seen a large number of IEC leads (kettle leads) that have the earth pin sheathed, which prevents the lead taking any fault from an item through to the socket earth, as the […]

Are you using the correct plug adapter?

the correct plug adapter

Plug adapter to work with UK sockets With companies becoming ever more global with their products, services and employees, there is now more equipment in the workplace that needs to operate with differing countries socket types. To get around this you can buy a plug adapter to use in UK and/or for abroad, a quick […]

Overloaded sockets

Overloaded sockets

Just think for a moment, have you ever seen anyone at work using a heater in the winter (everyone likes warmth)? Most of these heaters are near to, or at, 3kw output and a standard UK socket should not have anything plugged in that draws more than 13amp/3kw. So if these heaters are plugged directly […]

PAT Testing Fails – My Dog Ate My Cable!

My Dog Ate My Cable

Dog (or other animal) chewed the cable You have all heard (and some may even have used!! – not me of course!!) ‘The dog ate my homework… But dogs (and other animals) seem to like plastic coated cables especially when they are carrying 240v. Unfortunately this does happen and seems to be more common in […]

PAT fail – Split in cable

Split in cable

This is far more common that you might think as we see splits in cables very regularly. The most common industry types for this fault is the construction industry, as they are used near heavy, moving, spinning equipment and are much more susceptible to damage. However offices are more prone that you expect with cables […]